Unisky agent program terms and conditions:

1. To the person nominated in terms of the application form (“you”), at our sole and absolute discretion, on full completion of the application form and receipt of the required business documentation for a new application. You confirm that all information provided in the application is true, complete, current and accurate.

2. The Agent Program account will only be issued to you if you provide us with sufficient proof that your company/business is registered to organize and decorate events.

3. The agent program account will be ready to use within five (5) working days after registration. We will notify you when your account is ready.

4. You will receive unique login credentials to make use of our agent program website. You will not be able to make a purchase without these login credentials through the agent account

5. You will be entitled to 15% (fifteen percent) discount (“the discount”) on full priced products in South Africa or the United Arab Emirates only.

6. You must keep your agent program details private and only you may use this account. A separate application must be completed for each nominated person authorized to make purchases on behalf of the business/company that you represent.

7. You will have to spend at least R15,000.00 at Litehouse every year (calculated from the date that your account was issued to you), otherwise your account will be canceled.

8. You agree that the address that you have provided on the application form is the address where we must send all communication and that such communication will be binding on you. You must let us know in writing if you change any of your contact details.

9. By using your account, you agree that we will process your personal information. You have the right to access your personal information held by us. We will grant you such access during office hours at a specific location and within a reasonable time after having received a written request from you. We will only keep your personal information for as long as we lawfully need or have to. You may update your personal information at any time by calling our customer service line.

10. We may amend or replace the account terms at any time and you will be bound to any changes made.