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Litehouse LED E12 0.8W Filament Bulb for String Light - 2 Pack

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Bulb Replacement for Litehouse Vintage 16 LED Bulb String Lights - 5m

Here’s a bright idea: have your lightbulb moment with these replacement bulbs that fit neatly and easily into the Litehouse Vintage 16 LED Bulb String Lights - 5m. When things get a little dim this replacement pack of two (2) bulbs makes things better and brighter again.

- Easy Screw Installation
- Warm White
- Type: Filament
- Beam Angles: 150 Degrees

- Model: G40
- Voltage: 220-240V
- Power: 0.8W
- Bulb Colour: Clear
- C/T: 2700K
- Base: E12

1. Never alter the plug.
2. Do not install on live or decorative trees.
3. Keep out of reach of small children.
4. Replace only with the same type of 0.1-watt maximum Candelabra-base bulbs. Never re-position the interior socket contacts.
5. Do not place where doors or windows might be closed over the cord and cause damage to the wire insulation.
6. Always disconnect the plug end from the power source before changing bulbs and when leaving unattended.
7. When uninstalling the product, avoid any undue strain or stress on the conductors, connections, and wires. Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

What's in the box?
2 x Litehouse LED E12 0.8W Filament Bulb for String Light

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