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Are Solar Garden Lights Worth It? Discover the Truth Here

Are Solar Garden Lights Worth It? Discover the Truth Here

Are solar garden lights worth the investment? Dive into our detailed analysis of their benefits, including long-term savings, environmental impact, and ease of maintenance. We'll guide you through ...

5 Simple Steps To String Patio Lights & Transform Your Evenings

5 Simple Steps To String Patio Lights & Transform Your Evenings

Infusing your outdoor space with serenity and sparkle doesn't have to be a daunting task. With patio lights, we can easily elevate the ambience of our gardens, decks, balconies and patios, turning ...

Eco-Friendly Lighting: The Benefits of Solar Lighting and Sustainable Practices in Outdoor Décor - Litehouse

Eco-Friendly Lighting: The Benefits of Solar Lighting and Sustainable Practices in Outdoor Décor

In today's environmentally conscious world, eco-friendly lighting solutions are not just a trend but a necessity. Solar lighting has emerged as a beacon of sustainability and efficiency in outdoor ...

Mood Lighting To Ease Winter Blues

Mood Lighting To Ease Winter Blues - Litehouse

We have officially entered winter season and the cold weather is reminding us of it daily! What better way to stay warm and cosy at home than to set the mood with some beautiful lighting? Different types of lighting can elicit various emotions in us and so changing the way we use lighting may generate a variety of distinct atmospheres to calm your mood and stress. 

The appropriate lighting has been shown to influence our appetite as well as heighten our emotions and make us more active or relaxed. Read on as we show you different ways to display your lights that will turn any room and everyday experience into a special long-lasting memory.

Romantic Lighting

Whether you're planning a wedding, proposal, or simply looking to create an amorous atmosphere in your own home, choosing your lighting carefully is vital. Lighting can be used in a simple way to create a typical romantic mood using a variety of light sources - it's an affordable way to set the mood for any kind of atmosphere really! 

Warm, gentle lighting with a soft yellow or white hue is optimal for a romantic type of setting, as warm lighting has been shown to be calming. If you're entertaining guests, these colours make the venue feel comfortable and intimate, assisting them in getting into the desired mood of the event. Classic white fairy lights emanate romance and create a magical ambiance when strung from above and entwined with a canopy.   


Party / Vibey Lighting

Lighting is critical to the success of your party, and there are a variety of ways to do this and create a memorable ambiance for your visitors. Placing various sources of lighting in different regions of your venue creates an atmosphere for each sort of person to enjoy. 


String copper lights are a fun, easy way to add pops of light to your party atmosphere. Loosely drape them over your railings along the staircase or on your balcony, place them around platters and trays on your tables to accentuate your buffets, or try something different by placing your battery-operated or solar-powered lights inside of mason jars and displaying them around the house or in the garden. Consol jars work really well here as they are big enough to place the lights inside comfortably and are very affordable!


Entertain The Kids

Let's not kid ourselves (pun intended) - who doesn't love the idea of creating a home-constructed teepee wrapped in fairy lights displayed in the garden or TV room? If you're still not convinced - imagine a cute date night in your fairy-lit garden teepee with wine, candles and chocolate-covered strawberries to snack on. Sounds fun, right?


It's a great way to entertain your kids and add an element of fun during these chilly, winter nights. Why not put on a good movie and grab a bowl of popcorn while enjoying the ambient atmosphere created by your fairy lights?


Solar-operated string lights work best for your garden as there's no need to fuss about setting up a power point close by or the prospect of it raining and damaging your lights. They hold their charge and provide light for up to 8 hours, charging themselves automatically during the day if left in a sunny, well-lit spot.


Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Get creative with different shapes and colours of lights by displaying them amongst your floral arrangements or display cabinets to create a warm, ambient atmosphere. 


Don't have a fireplace? Create a charming imitation fire pit to provide extra "warmth" to your living room by using your lights together with a few pieces of wood, candles or stones to style to your unique taste. Let your imagination run wild and look for spots around your house that feel dull or dark to display your lights in. This can really transform your space into something magical!



Other Ideas on how to create an atmosphere with lighting

  1. String festoon lights between two rooms.
  2. Drape lights over your headboard.
  3. Hang lights over your staircase balustrade.
  4. Hang string lights on your wall and peg pictures onto them to create a feature wall.
  5. Glorify your gazebo or balcony by hanging lights from above.


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