About Litehouse .

Litehouse - the brand that designs & sells more than premium, decorative lighting.

We CREATE Better, Brighter moments.

Founded in 2020 by brothers, Kevan & Mike Van der Velde, Litehouse is on a mission to create Better, Brighter moments that fosters deep human connections. We aim to become South Africa's top-rated, well-known ambience lighting brand, renowned for innovative, premium, decorative lighting.

Choosing Litehouse, not only means you're buying lighting; you're investing in better, brighter moments, human connection, and a child-like joy.

Our Brand Story .

From the beginning, Litehouse was destined to be more than a brand that designs & sells premium decorative lighting in South Africa. Litehouse CREATES Better, Brighter Moments - making the ordinary, extraordinary.

From the beginning, our co-founder brothers - Kevan & Mike Van der Velde - have never been short of business ideas & their passion for innovation & entrepreneurship is contagious. With their child-like joy, playfulness & love for each other, it is no surprise they have created a brand that not only sells innovative lighting products but is built on a community of people who believe that people, human connection & relationships matter. Through ambience lighting, we have the ability to connect people like family & bring out their child-like joy.

At Litehouse we are a team on the same mission to create better, brighter moments that will be cherished and last a lifetime