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Bulb Replacements

Explore Litehouse’s Bulb Replacements for your outdoor string lights.


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Litehouse Outdoor Bulb String Lights: Transform Your Outdoor Space

Litehouse offers a wide range of outdoor string light bulb replacements to choose from. Our bulbs are low watt, shatterproof, and emit a warm white glow, making them the perfect choice for your outdoor lighting needs.

Types of Bulbs Available:

  1. E27 Base Bulbs: These bulbs are compatible with our festoon series of bulb string lights.
  2. E12 Base Bulbs: These bulbs are compatible with our mini series bulb string lights. 

Why Litehouse Bulbs?

Low Watt: Our bulbs are low watt, making them extremely energy efficient.

Shatterproof: Our bulbs are shatterproof, making them safe to use around children and pets.

Warm White Glow: Our bulbs emit a warm white glow, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Bulbs for your String Lights?

1. Check the base size: Make sure to choose bulbs with the same base size as your bulb sockets. Our E27 bulbs fit our festoon string lights, and our E12 bulbs fit our mini string lights.

2. Match the voltage: Make sure to choose bulbs with the same voltage as your string lights. Our 220-240V bulbs work with our standard voltage 220-240V string, and our 5V bulbs (low voltage) work with our low voltage 5V strings.

*Example: If you have festoon string lights with 220-240V sockets, you need to choose E27 bulbs with 220-240V voltage in the same bulb shape as your festoon string lights. 

*If you are unsure which bulbs to choose or have a discontinued Litehouse product, please contact us for assistance via whatsapp on  +27 66 2987604, and we would love to assist you in finding your perfect replacement bulb for your string lights. 

FYI on the Litehouse Bulb Names: 

The Traditional Bulb: Refers to S14 Shape Bulb

The Vintage Bulb: Refers to the ST64 Shape Bulb

The Retro Bulb: Refers to the G45 Shape Bulb

The Classic Bulb: Refers to the G40 Shape Bulb

The Enchanting Bulb: Refers to the G40 Shape Bulb with Copper Wire