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Outdoor Garden Lights by Litehouse

Light up your garden with premium quality garden lights from Litehouse. We offer a wide selection of solar outdoor lighting. This includes solar fairy lights, solar bulb string lights, solar lantern jars and shepherds hooks to help you create a magical and inviting garden, pool & patio space. Our energy-efficient LED bulbs emit a warm light adding a magical ambience to any garden. Enhance the beauty of your garden and make the most of your outdoor spaces with Litehouse garden lights.


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South Africans love spending time outdoors, and what better way to enjoy your garden than with beautiful and functional lighting? Litehouse offers a wide range of high-quality and long-lasting solar garden lights that are perfect for creating a magical and inviting outdoor space.

From solar fairy lights to solar bulb string lights to solar lantern jars and shepherds hooks, we have everything you need to light up your garden in style. Our energy-efficient LED bulbs emit a warm white glow that is both inviting and relaxing, creating the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a quiet evening outdoors.

In addition to being beautiful, our garden lights are also practical. Solar power means that you don't have to worry about running electrical cords through your garden, and our lights are designed to withstand the South African climate. So you can be sure that your garden will look its best,year-round. Whether you're looking to add a touch of ambiance to your patio or create a magical oasis in your backyard, Litehouse garden lights are the perfect solution.

Shop our range today and start enjoying your garden in a whole new light!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Litehouse garden lighting for my outdoor space?

At Litehouse, we're dedicated to creating Better, Brighter moments in your garden. Our premium-quality, weatherproof, and solar-powered outdoor lighting are designed to enhance the beauty of your garden while fostering a magical ambience. With Litehouse garden lights, you're investing in durable, energy-efficient lighting solutions that illuminate your outdoor space with elegance and charm.

What types of garden lighting does Litehouse offer?

Litehouse offers a diverse range of outdoor garden lighting options to suit every preference and style. From enchanting solar fairy lights to versatile solar bulb string lights, as well as solar lantern jars and shepherd hooks, we have everything you need to transform your garden into a captivating oasis. Explore our collection and find the perfect lighting solution to enhance your outdoor space.

Are Litehouse garden lights suitable for all types of gardens?

Absolutely! Whether you have a small patio garden, a spacious backyard, or a cosy courtyard, Litehouse garden lights are designed to complement any outdoor setting. Our versatile lighting options allow you to create a magical ambience, regardless of the size or layout of your garden. Illuminate pathways, highlight garden features or create a cosy gathering space with Litehouse garden lights.

How do solar garden lights work, and are they reliable?

Litehouse solar garden lights harness the power of the sun to illuminate your outdoor space. During the day, the solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into energy, which is stored in rechargeable batteries. As the sun sets, the built-in sensors detect darkness and automatically turn on the lights, providing hours of enchanting illumination. Our solar garden lights are reliable and built to withstand the South African climate, ensuring consistent performance year-round.  For days with limited sunlight, a built-in charging port allows for a full recharge in under four hours, ensuring reliability even in the unpredictable South African climate. This feature guarantees your outdoor areas remain lit, regardless of weather conditions. (Please note: This feature is only available on the larger solar panels for the bulb string lights)

Can I install Litehouse garden lights myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Litehouse garden lights are designed for easy installation, allowing you to transform your outdoor space with ease. Simply place the lights in your desired location, ensuring they receive ample sunlight during the day for optimal performance. No wiring or electrical expertise is required, making it a hassle-free DIY project for any garden enthusiast. However, if you have any questions or need assistance, our customer support team is always here to help.

How long do Litehouse solar garden lights last on a single charge?

The duration of illumination provided by Litehouse solar garden lights may vary depending on factors such as sunlight exposure, battery capacity, usage patterns & total wattage total wattage plays a crucial role. For instance, a 20-meter string of Solar Festoon lights, with more bulbs, will consume more power than a 10-meter string, resulting in a shorter illumination duration. However, our lights are designed to provide extended illumination throughout the night, ensuring your garden remains beautifully lit until dawn. With proper placement and care, you can enjoy hours of enchanting illumination from your Litehouse solar garden lights.

What is the warranty coverage for Litehouse garden lights?

Litehouse stands behind the quality and durability of our garden lights. We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your purchase. Our warranty coverage ensures that your garden lights are protected against manufacturing defects and premature failure, allowing you to enjoy Better, Brighter moments in your garden for years to come.